You are the protagonist

The electricity system is in a transition phase towards a more dynamic energy model in which the role of the new factors, in which you can become a protagonist, will be of critical importance; factors such as flexible generation, energy storage or the mass introduction of electric vehicles. Simultaneously, we are living a process of progressive electrification of society, due to the increasing weight of electricity in our lives, which is explained by the introduction of electricity in other energy uses such as in transportation. In this context, your participation as a key player in the electricity system can be paramount.

Advancing with society

So far, the lack of proper understanding of the operation of the electricity system may have hindered your participation in said system and it may have kept you in the background, as a passive consumer. Regardless of the aforementioned, in Red Eléctrica we have promoted some initiatives to inform you about the electricity system, its real-time status or give you a better understanding of our experiences.

At present, the quest for a more efficient and environmentally friendly consumption makes it necessary that the relationship between energy and society evolves towards a more active role on behalf of consumers and for this, you need to have more knowledge about how electricity is consumed and what are the best practices regarding how electricity can be consumed efficiently.

Do you behave like an active citizen?

As a key player in the new energy model, you are called on to be an active citizen, which will turn you into the key protagonist of the electricity system.

In order to be a more influential and participatory user in the electricity system, we at Red Eléctrica are committed to making available to you the information which we think will help you understand the operation of the electricity system in a simple way, helping you also to consume more efficiently and responsibly.