Corporate volunteering

Since 2005, the promotion of corporate volunteering actions has been one of the Company’s cornerstones, the result of the firm commitment to improving society that has allowed us to channel the spirit of solidarity and address the social concerns of our employees.

In 2017, we designed a new more ambitious corporate volunteering model that seeks to respond to the socio-environmental needs and general interests of the territories in which are facilities are located, showcasing corporate values through the voluntary participation of employees. Based on this, corporate volunteering programmes must be aligned with the 2030 Sustainability Commitment taken on by the Company and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, meeting the needs of society.

Main volunteering actions carried out in 2019:

Activity Results
Give and Gain
  • Participation in the International Week of Volunteers in Forética in initiatives carried out in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Zaragoza. Each territory chose the most relevant action for them.
Adecco Employment School
  • Support sessions to improve the employability of people with disabilities and women at risk of exclusion in Madrid, Majorca, Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona.
Mentoring ON A PAR - One to One mentoring
  • Support provided by the Company’s management team in Madrid to young people with intellectual disabilities to improve their personal development and employability.
Christmas activity with the Red Cross
  • Collection of a total of 438 new books for children aged 0-9 years of age in all territories.
Heroes at Home Project, with the Freno al Ictus Association (Stroke prevention)00
  • Raising awareness among approximately 300 school children about strokes. The volunteers were trained beforehand to inform the schools about the disease and how to act in the event of a stroke.
International Children's Day with the Red Cross
  • Preparation of 500 child hygiene kits to celebrate International Children's Day.
Red Natura 2000 project
  • Cleaning up of protected natural areas in Zaragoza in collaboration with SEO/BirdLife (Spanish Ornithological Society).
LIBERA Project
  • Cleaning up rubbish from natural areas in Madrid and Seville in collaboration with SEO/BirdLife.
Limne Foundation
  • Planting of helophytes (marsh plants) in the Turia River (Valencia). These are crucial plants to favour the filtering of pollutants and the oxygenation of the water.
World Oceans Day
  • Cleaning of Las Caletillas beach, in collaboration with the local city council, the Island Council of Tenerife and various associations on the island, and the holding of environmental workshops, an exhibition and the release of sea turtles.
Acteo, Archaeology and Heritage
  • Day of cleaning and superficial pruning of weeds in Galapagar, Madrid.
Release of Scopoli's shearwater birds
  • Release of 9 Scopoli’s shearwater, a nesting bird in the Canary Islands, which breeds in colonies on islets and coastal cliffs.