Social innovation

As a company committed to the society in which it operates and faithful to its commitment to help solve the current challenges of the territories in which it is present, Redeia has incorporated social innovation as a core element to continue promoting the creation of shared value.

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We work to improve the lives of citizens, fighting inequalities to move forward without leaving anyone behind. For that purpose, we will work side by side with the public administrations and reference entities of the Third Sector.

We have 4 areas of work that focus on digital, territorial, generational and gender inequalities.


Digital society: Promote connectivity in the territories in which we operate and advance in the digital literacy of the population, eliminating digital barriers, to achieve inclusion.

Territory: Reduce urban-rural imbalances, promoting the energy transition, promoting entrepreneurship, local development, training, preservation of culture and local innovation as core tools.

Childhood and youth: Reduce child poverty, boost education, youth employment and collaborate with training entities in the electricity sector to promote the energy transition.

Women: Promote social and labour equality for women, as a lever of opportunities and progress for everybody.

11 lines of action to enhance our commitment to society

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Social innovation projects

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