Tax transparency

Redeia is committed to comply with tax legislation and its tax obligations, and is engaged in fostering a cooperative relationship with tax administrations. Moreover, the contribution to the economic and social development derived from the Group’s tax contribution, made by means of the payment of taxes in all the territories in which it operates, is considered relevant.

Our commitment, clear and truthful information
Key date in
€966 m
total tax contribution
More than
millions of euros tax payments in the 2018-22
of value generated earmarked for tax payments
of the total tax contribution made in Spain
tax contribution ​compared to revenue
Redeia is leading the way in fiscal transparency

Redeia has been acknowledged in 2022 as the company to offer the most information with regard to fiscal matters, according to the 'Contribution and transparency 2022 report'. The report contains an analysis of voluntary transparency on the part of IBEX 35 companies in content related to their tax obligations.

Sello de Responsabilidad Fiscal 2022

La compañía está comprometida con la transparencia tributaria y considera relevante la contribución al desarrollo económico y social, derivada de la aportación tributaria efectuada mediante el pago de impuestos en los países en los que opera.