MIGRATE project

The MIGRATE project aims to develop and validate innovative technological solutions that allow the pan-European electricity system to be managed in the face of the growing proliferation of devices based on Power Electronics (PE).

MigrateThis goal is divided into two components, depending on their time horizon:

  • In the short and medium term, the growing penetration of generators and consumers connected through devices based on power electronic requires the development of technological solutions that allow the operation of the current high-voltage alternating current grids, facilitating their integration and allowing the current levels of quality and security in the supply of electricity to be maintained.
  • In the long term, there is a need to develop new control algorithms and grid codes that allow the transition to a high-voltage electricity system in alternating current where 100% of generation and consumption is connected to the grid through power electronic devices.
Migrate Map

Actions carried out:

The project, coordinated by Tennet, is developed around 5 working groups:

  1. Power system stability issues under high penetration of power electronics (Coordinator: Tennet): Development of new methods that allow the possible impacts on transient stability posed by a high penetration of power electronic devices to be addressed.
  2. Real time monitoring and control (Coordinator: SPEN): Demonstrate that the solutions created have the ability to maintain a high level of precision and reliability in different power systems, in order to be applied in the pan-European system.
  3. Control and operation of a grid with 100% converter-based devices (Coordinator: RTE): Develop new control and management rules that allow the operation of a system with 100% of generation connected through converter-based devices.
  4. Protection schemes in transmission networks with high PE penetration (Coordinator: REE): Provide a detailed insight of the behaviour of existing protection systems to properly operate under system disturbances under very high penetration of PE and propose developments that allow the current levels of reliability to be maintained during the transition to system based 100% on power electronics.
  5. Power quality in transmission networks with high PE penetration (Coordinator: ELES): Development of a suitable simulation platform and methodologies to study and improve wavelength quality in systems with high penetration of power electronic devices.
Organisation of Migrate project

The MIGRATE (Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices) project has a total budget of 17.9 million euros, of which 16.8 million is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the 2020 Horizon.


The project is currently underway. It began on 1 January 2016 and has a duration term of 4 years.

In collaboration with:

Red Eléctrica participation in this project is undertaken through its rols as the coordinator of working group 4, regarding protection schemes in transmission systems. Additionally, it has a prominent presence in the rest of the working groups in which it collaborates with 23 other members (10 TSO's, 12 Universities/Research Centres and one manufacturer).


MIGRATE seeks to provide recommendations on possible measures, methods and tools for the safe operation of an electricity system with a high penetration of power electronic devices in order to:

  • Maximise the number of renewable energy sources installed in the system while maintaining current levels of quality and reliability.
  • Anticipate future issues and challenges arising from high penetration of based on power and electronics.
  • Determine future needs for the development of control algorithms, protection systems and connection requirements.