Oficios en Red

Redeia and the Spanish Network for Rural Development have joined to launch Oficios en Red. This initiative was born as a response to the triple necessity of promoting artisans and their products, traditional techniques, and the new image of rural areas as generators of high-quality products.​

Oficios en Red seeks to boost the alliance between rural artisans and fashion designers in favour of slow fashion.

This is a trend in fashion and decoration that advocates for raising consumer awareness about the benefits of purchasing handmade clothes, furniture, and objects made in Spain, known for their better quality and durability and manufactured through sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes that respect people, biodiversity, and the planet. ​

The project is conceived as a tool to counter depopulation, boost traditional crafts linked to local resources, and promote their artisanal tradition in the fields of fashion, decoration, and rural tourism.​ ​

Our social innovation approach will contribute to reducing inequalities and fostering ‘living networks’ through the implementation of projects that are both inclusive and cutting-edge.

Fostering "living networks"