Plataforma Verde

FADEMUR, in collaboration with Redeia, has created a nationwide marketplace platform that allows small producers from family farms to distribute their high-quality, locally sourced products.

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The family farming production model ensures the safe supply of healthy food while protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable use of natural resources. It also generates employment and supports extensive livestock farming. Additionally, family farming, which includes the active participation of women, is a model that is based and structured in the territory, settles the population, and helps to fight against depopulation in rural areas.

Plataforma Verde is already operational in the Community of Madrid.

Main goals achieved

Environmentally sustainable: Seasonal and local products that reduce carbon footprint.

Economically sustainable: Direct purchase without intermediaries.​

Socially sustainable: Only products from family farms commercialized.

Responsible value chain: It contributes to the economic, environmental, and social progress of rural areas.

Our social innovation approach will contribute to reducing inequalities and fostering ‘living networks’ through the implementation of projects that are both inclusive and cutting-edge.

Fostering "living networks"