Works are underway for the dismantling of the old stretch of the Vic-Pierola line
Red Eléctrica commissions the first 400 kV substation in Girona

Yesterday, Red Eléctrica commissioned the 400 kilovolts (kV) switchyard of the Bescanó substation in Gerona, the first installation of this type in the province. Also yesterday, the Vic-Bescanó and Sentmenat-Bescanó 400 kV lines went into operation in addition to the connection to the 132 kV switchyard of the Bescanó substation, owned by Endesa. In this way the supply for the city of Girona and the Costa Brava is guaranteed with the same quality levels as the rest of Spain.

The Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó line and the Bescanó substation constitute a fundamental part of the project for the strengthening of the electricity supply of the northeast of Catalonia. In addition, another three objectives are fulfilled: to power the high speed train, to make the interconnection with France possible and to favour integration into the electricity system of the wind power energy of the planned wind farms in the area.

The budget for the Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó line was 92 million euros and that of the Bescanó substation was 21 million euros.

These facilities were inaugurated this May by the president of the Generalitat de Cataluña, Artur Mas, and the chairman of Red Eléctrica, Luis Atienza.

The Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó line has signified the reorganisation of the transmission grids in the area. As far as possible, they have been compacted into one single route with the new line alongside the old ones, which has allowed a greater number of kilometres of line to be dismantled, in comparison to those constructed (92.8 km compared to 89.3 km).

The dismantling works of the old stretch of the Vic-Pierola line began two months ago and will last approximately one year.