Valuing the essentials

Driving change since 1985

We started life as the world's first TSO (Transmission System Operator) and today we are a global operator of strategic electricity and telecommunications infrastructure and a key player in the green and the digital transformation for a sustainable future.

Leaders in essential services

We connect people through our neutral infrastructures in Spain and Latin America, with sustainability being our hallmark. In addition, we have a roadmap with a 2025 horizon, a strategic plan which entails the investment of 4.8 billion euros in order to guarantee everyone access to clean energy and to ensure universal connectivity in those countries where we operate.

"We exercise responsible leadership with one sole purpose: to guarantee the electricity supply and ensure connectivity, while driving a green transition that is fair and based on sustainability criteria, showcasing our neutrality and contributing to social and territorial cohesion".

Beatriz Corredor – Chairwoman
Beatriz Corredor – Chairwoman
Our brand

Redeia's identity truly reflects that which is at the heart of our business: the network. A network comprised of five brands, a team of more than 2,400 professionals and millions of people all connected through a common mindset: the importance of focusing on the basics.