What drives us

Our purpose


We guarantee the electricity supply and ensure connectivity, driving a green transition that is fair and based on sustainability criteria, showcasing our neutrality and contributing to social and territorial cohesion.


Our current mission

We have a roadmap in place, for Spain and abroad, with a clear mission: to provide, manage and operate the system and network infrastructure necessary to guarantee the supply of electricity and telecommunications services to companies and individuals, applying strict sustainability criteria and incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

People strolling in a square
Vision for the future

Without vision there is no future, and our goal is to make a truly meaningful contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy and to engage citizens through technological innovation, the sustainable electrification of society and the deployment of cutting-edge telecommunications, guaranteeing connectivity and access to new renewable generation and favouring social inclusion and territorial cohesion.

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An ethical culture

The culture that defines us pivots on a fundamental principle: ethics. We exercise responsible, honest and transparent leadership as we know that this is the right path to take and the only way to generate value for society, and we do so with the commitment of the more than 2,000 professionals who make up the Group.



Dignified and fair treatment determines our behaviour. We believe in diversity as an integrating and enriching element, and we promote the plurality of perspectives and opinions as a source of development.



Our ethical conduct is consistent and honest. We act transparently, professionally and in accordance with our commitments.



We create shared value with our stakeholders, acting with responsibility and excellence and pursuing social development and environmental improvement.