Training and Development

To promote the training and professional development of our employees, the Company has firmly undertaken a global talent management model.

Redeia Campus

The Campus is the natural evolution of our training management towards a new model of corporate university. This represents a significant advance compared with previous internal training centres established in the Company since 2004, moving from a mainly technical approach to a more comprehensive one.

Redeia Campus is one of the main driving forces behind cultural transformation in the group. It serves as a hub for talent attraction, enhancement, development, and retention. It facilitates knowledge exchange and ensures that our current and future resources possess the necessary skills. The campus plays a vital role in driving the cultural transformation of our organisation by fostering and promoting a flexible, agile, efficient, innovative, diverse, disruptive, and sustainable company.

Additionally, it serves as a bridge between Redeia and society. We share our culture and knowledge with various groups and actively focus on the creation, analysis, and promotion of innovative trends and approaches to doing things.

Redeia Campus
Training and Development Plan

In the new Training and Development Plan, the range of virtual training continues to grow with new courses and the transfer of existing courses into a virtual format to provide employees with alternative methodologies that enhance self-development and collaborative experiences.

Talent & Culture 2022

Talent management is a strategic priority of our company. Thus, investing in our professionals’ talent will allow us to develop new projects and give us the ability to keep on growing.

Talent & Culture - Report 2022