We are committed to sustainable development

At Redeia, we have a Sustainability Commitment with specific goals for 2030 to consolidate a business model based on the creation of shared value.

To achieve them, we are rolling out our 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan, maximising our contribution to sustainable, fair and inclusive development, driving our responsible management and consolidating us a world-wide benchmark in sustainability.

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Our commitment to 2030

We promote a business model capable of addressing the challenges of the future under the criteria of excellence, innovation and integrity, creating shared value. This is set out in our Sustainability Commitment 2030. This Commitment, which was approved by our Board of Directors in 2017, is based on the ten principles defined in the Sustainability Policy in four priorities and eleven goals.

At Redeia, sustainability is based on the principles of...

Principios de Sostenibilidad

Our goals for 2030
Reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by
compared to 2019
Reducing scope 3 emissions by
compared to 2019
Safely integrating
of available renewable energy into the electricity system: 74% of renewable energy in the electricity generation mix
sustainable financing
To generate a positive
impact on the natural capital in the areas surrounding our facilities
of waste to landfill
of water consumption per employee per year in work centres
At least
supplies with major impact on the transmission network with circularity criteria (ACV), climate change, security, diversity, and biodiversity
of women on Redeia's Board of Directors and the group's management team
Reducing digital gap:
connection rate for people in the areas surrounding our facilities
Adoption of
innovative technological solutions in Redeia that address the group's key challenges, contributing tangible or intangible value
Our current road map: 2023-25 Sustainability Plan


Our 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan defines 87 quantitative goals and 190 actions to achieve them. Our five subsidiaries contribute in a direct, cross-cutting way to this road map, which is aligned with our 21-25 Strategic Plan: Red Eléctrica, Reintel, Hispasat, Redinter and Elewit.


Main goals for 2025

Ecological transition

As a global infrastructures manager, we are a key player in the ecological transition. Through our subsidiary Red Eléctrica, we facilitate the massive integration of renewables in the electricity system and develop the infrastructures required to create a carbon-neutral economy.


Integrating more than 60% of renewable energy in the electricity generation mix.

Bringing the ecological transition closer to citizens through our REData and RedOS platforms.

Increasing access to the Datahub in compliance with the standard.

Climate Change

We implement internal and third-party actions to reduce and offset our greenhouse gas emissions. We will do so by implementing energy efficiency measures, improving our processes and developing solutions that reduce our impact.


Reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30% (compared to 2019).

Having at least two-thirds of our suppliers (in terms of emissions) with SBTi goals approved.

Offsetting 100% of our scope 1 emissions.

Sustainable financing

We are the first utility company to transform an 800-million Euro syndicated loan into green financing. We have continued to search for sustainable tools to finance our projects, such as our Financing Green Framework and its adaptation to the EU Taxonomy.


To reach 60% sustainable financing.

Responsible value chain

At Redeia, we make our facilities compatible with their surroundings, reducing our environmental impact on the territory and landscape to the maximum. We intend to have a positive net impact on the natural capital in the areas surrounding our new facilities.


Signalling 100% of Red Eléctrica’s critical electricity sections with bird protections.

Meeting Redeia’s commitment to protect vegetation and fighting against deforestation in 100% of investment projects.


We are aware of our driving role to promote the circular economy and, therefore, we work to consolidate it. Our commitment is to become a leading company in the efficient use of resources.


Reducing waste to landfill to 0% at Red Eléctrica.

Reducing water consumption to 6.5m3 per employee per year in Red Eléctrica work centres.

Supplier management

Our suppliers are our companions on our journey towards sustainable development. They are direct participants in our activity, which is why we have also created a path for them to become agents of change in our 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan. A contribution to a more sustainable future must be linked directly to the choice and management of our suppliers.


Analysing at least 10 supplies with a major impact on the transmission network with circularity criteria (Life-cycle analysis (LCA)), climate change, security, diversity and biodiversity.

Contribution to the development of our surroundings
Diversity and integration

At Redeia we believe that promoting diversity group-wide from a wide perspective (gender, age, capabilities, ...), particularly in people management, is key to consolidating an inclusive culture that offers equal opportunities and non-discrimination.


Ensuring that 50% of the members of Redeia's Board of Directors are women.

Reaching 38% of women in the group's management team.

Achieving at least 40% of the legal percentage of direct hiring of people with disabilities.

To increase the volume managed through Special Employment Centres for the provision of services in Redeia by 20%.

Digital divide

Our facilities are mainly located in the rural environment. Therefore, we cannot overlook the needs of severely depopulated rural areas, such as access to quality connectivity, enabling their social and economic development.


To promote the development of the fibre optic business of at least three local carriers.

To deploy 100 Mbps connectivity throughout Spain.

To anticipate change and take action
Innovation and technology

We promote innovative projects that maximise the use of technology both internally and through collaborations with third parties.


Adoption of 24 innovative technological solutions in Redeia that address the group's key challenges, contributing tangible or intangible value.