Prevention of corruption

The prevention of corruption is a necessary practice to help achieve an ethical and responsible management in the execution and delivery of services of the companies that make up the Red Eléctrica Group, in accordance with the values and commitments set out in its Code of Ethics.

In 2015, the Board of Directors approved the ‘Guide for the Prevention of Corruption: Zero Tolerance’ in order to take steps forward in the Integrity Model of the Group.

All people in the Group are obliged to know and shall undertake to respect the contents of the Guide and review the way in which they carry out their duties and responsibilities based on the principles, undertakings and controls set out in the Guide. In particular, the exemplariness, support and the explicit commitment of members of the Board and the management team are a key element of value for its implementation.

Following the best practices in anti-bribery management systems, Red Eléctrica has obtained the ISO 37001 international standard certification "Anti-bribery management systems" which establishes the requirements to prevent, detect and manage bribery risks, complying with legislation and other commitments acquired voluntarily by the organisation.