Management of conflicts of interest

Due to the social relevance of the responsibilities and functions undertaken by Redeia, our stakeholders are especially sensitive to conflicts of interest that may arise in the organisation and the way they are managed.

Redeia is committed to the identification and exemplary management of any possible conflict of interest, providing its members with the necessary tools to confront them in a satisfactory manner while preserving the reputation of the organisation.

In its Code of Ethics and Conduct the Company establishes the correct management of conflicts of interest as one of its fundamental principles, specifying the basic guidelines of conduct that must govern the actions and decisions of the persons of the Red Eléctrica Group, in order to preserve impartiality and objectivity in the exercise of their functions.

Since 2018, Redeia has a Guide for the management of conflicts of interest to help detect and prevent potential conflicts of interest that may involve the management team of the Red Eléctrica Group. The Guide is the result of the duty of diligence of the company with regard to conflicts of interest, and incorporates the preventive measures necessary to minimise risks in this area.

The Red Eléctrica Group has a Consultative Body responsible for the development and due application of the aforementioned Guide, to identify, manage and resolve conflicts of interest. This Consultative Body acts independently in all cases in order to be able to perform its functions effectively and without undue influence. In addition, it provides advice and proposes measures to ensure better use of confidential information related to the management of conflicts of interest.

Redeia has an Ethical and compliance channel for the communication of possible conflicts of interest that may affect its members, so that the necessary measures are adopted by the organisation to preserve the values and principles of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.