We Protect Our Forests

We are committed to protecting vegetation and fighting against deforestation in the execution of our activities and those of its supply chain. Additionally, we collaborate on wildfire prevention; we reforest and restore wooded areas, and we conserve forests. Our commitment has led us to create the Redeia Forest, where we offset part of our emissions by planting trees in degraded natural areas, and the Redeia Marine Forest, where we restore Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Mediterranean.

We have a Commitment to protect vegetation and fight against deforestation in accordance with the main international criteria in this area and going beyond the regulations applicable in the territories and regions where our facilities and infrastructure are located.

electric tower in the middle of a forest of trees

We strive to reduce the impact on vegetation and ensure that our activities do not involve deforestation. We carefully consider the location and design of our facilities, implementing preventive and corrective measures during construction and throughout their lifespan.

Moreover, all energy transmission grids are subjected by law to environmental assessment procedures and require approvals from the administration responsible for validating projects and measures to mitigate environmental risks.

Foggy mountains

When constructing new power lines, we open security corridors beneath them—areas free of large vegetation—to prevent risks associated with contact between power lines and wooded areas, thereby limiting potential fires. While the removal of incompatible species is inevitable, Redeia fully offsets the removed vegetation through planting works, reforestation, or actions aimed at forest conservation.

Two hands picking up soil with a small plant in it
Preventing Forest Fires

Fires pose the main threat to our forests. To prevent them, we not only rigorously control the vegetation beneath the transmission grids but also collaborate with authorities in forest management through actions and the provision of materials for surveillance, prevention, training, and awareness of forest fires.

Five firefighters forming a circle joining hands in the center
Implicating the Supply Chain

Our activities do not rely on forest resources, eliminating any risk of deforestation in the supply chain. However, we extend our commitment to suppliers and subcontractors. For example, we request them to protect habitats and biodiversity through a Code of Conduct or to use cardboard and wood packaging certified by PEFC or FSC, ensuring they come from sustainably managed forests.