Ethics and Compliance Channel

In accordance with the commitments contained within its Code of Ethics, Redeia has an Ethics and Compliance Channel available to all members that form part of the Group, as well as to its stakeholders.

Access the Ethics and Compliance Channel

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What can be communicated through the Ethics and Compliance Channel?

The Ethics and Compliance Channel should be used to:

  • Make any enqueries on the interpretation of the ethical values, principles and conduct guidelines of the Code.
  • Report any breach of the Code, legislation, including criminal and anti-bribery legislation, internal regulations and commitments made by the organisation.
  • Report any potential irregularities or non-compliance related to financial, accounting or business malpractice.

It is very important to make a responsible use of the Ethics and Compliance Channel, in accordance with the principle of good faith, preventing it from being used for purposes other than those established. No grievance should be made without truthful evidence of non-compliance of any of the values and ethical principles set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Who manages the Ethics and Compliance Channel?

The Ethics and Compliance Channel is managed by the Ethics Manager and Compliance Officers of Redeia.

Red Eléctrica has appointed an "Ethics Manager" in order to deal with any doubts that may arise and to receive, analyse and resolve any grievances that may be submitted. This figure, which involves a direct relationship with the Presidency and the Board of Directors, shall maintain the confidentiality of the processes as well as being responsible for the development, consolidation and ongoing improvement of ethics management.

Compliance Officers provide support in answering the enqueries received and, at the request of the Ethics Manager, investigate the grievances submitted, the scope of which is within their scope of action.

Is the security and confidentiality of communications through the Ethics and Compliance Channel guaranteed?

Redeia uses an application to manage the Ethics and Compliance Channel. The Ethical Channel tool is hosted on secure servers in order to prevent possible security risks.

One of the basic principles of the Ethics and Compliance Channel is that it guarantees confidentiality. The Ethics Channel can only be accessed by the Ethics Manager and Compliance Officers, who will treat any communication with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with the law and good business practices.

The Channel allows anonymous reporting and also guarantees the traceability of the management process of the report from its entry to its resolution.