Diversity and equality

We consider it essential to promote a quality working environment based on ethical conduct, respect, diversity, and equality. A commitment that is embodied in our corporate culture and integrated into the Company’s internal policies.

Personas trabajando en oficina diversidad e igualdad
Gender equality and equal opportunities

In order to achieve the maximum respect, promotion, and drive of the principle of equality in our business management, we have implemented an equality management model consisting of the Equality Policy that expresses and formalises the commitment and strategic positioning of the Company to promote equal opportunities, respect for differences and non-discrimination in all activities related to people management, all these aspects being addressed from both the perspective of gender and that of diversity. In 2022, negotiations were conducted for the new equality plan, which includes actions for awareness, disclosure, and promotion regarding the harassment protocol.

Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors is composed of 12 members, including the Chairwoman
  • 50% are women.
Managerial positions
  • Percentage of women in managerial positions: 35.3%
  • By 2030, a goal has been set for 50% of managerial positions to be held by women.
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% Share of women in STEM-related positions: Share of women in STEM-related positions in 2030:
20,1% 19%
% Share of women in revenue-generating functions Objective % Share of women in revenue-generating functions in 2030
33,3% 29%
% Share of women in junior management positions: Share of women in junior management positions in 2030:
6,5% 50%
% Share of women in top management positions: Share of women in top management positions in 2023:
1,8% 50%
Inclusion of people with disabilities

The action plan associated with the model for managing disability in the workplace was launched in 2016. Since then it has focused on actions that raise awareness and increase knowledge regarding disability among all employees, thus facilitating their inclusion in the organisation. Initiatives such as the ‘Plan Familia’ or ‘Proyecto Unidos,’ support the integration of people with disabilities into the workplace.

In order to carry out the various actions included in the plan, ensure compliance with legal obligations in this area and work in favour of disability, Red Eléctrica has the collaboration of the Adecco Foundation, as well as the full engagement and involvement of the Company’s management team, and maintains important contracts for the procurement of goods and services with Special Employment Centres.

It should also be noted that the impetus given to inclusion by corporate volunteers has marked the beginning of a new line of support for diversity.

Our main actions regarding disability have revolved around the following:

Creation of employment through the procurement of goods and services from special employment centres.

Supporting diversity through corporate volunteering.

Plan Familia: support programme for employees whose family members have some form of disability.

Plan Aflora: support programme for employees who may qualify for the disability certificate.

Employee awareness campaigns.

Support for the ‘Jobs for All’ Programme of the Adecco Foundation.