Sustainability Committee

The creation of this committee is voluntary and does not respond to any legal requirement, and arises from the strategic nature associated with sustainability within the Redeia and the demands of its stakeholders.

This committee is composed of three directors, with a majority being independent directors. The term of office of its members is limited to four years, and they may be re-elected. This committee is chaired by an independent director, who has a limited term of office which is set to a maximum of four years, and the chairperson may be re-elected.

The objective of this Committee is to supervise and promote actions related to the natural environment and the fight against climate change, as well as to foster ethical conduct and those values associated to the development of a corporate culture which sustain and drive the success of the Company’s business model and that can generate a positive social impact in the territories in which Redeia’s facilities are located or that may be impacted by its activities.


Sustainability Committee
Name Position Type of Board Member Most recent appointment
Ms. Carmen Gómez de Barreda Tous de Monsalve Chairwoman Independient 2021.11.30
Ms. Elisenda Malaret García Member Independent 2021.07.02
Dª. Esther María Rituerto Martínez Vocal Dominical 31.05.2022