We manage resources using circularity criteria

We advance in the sustainable management of resources by incorporating circular economy criteria. In this regard, since 2018, Redeia has been a member of the Pact for a Circular Economy. Our goal is to be a leading company in the circular economy by 2023.

Two children smiling with a box of plastic containers for recycling

Through our Circular Economy Roadmap

This guide establishes objectives and actions to progress towards the fulfilment of our commitment. This means working to achieve 100% circular supplies, i.e., that the equipment and materials used are manufactured from recycled or reused materials, and 100% resource recovery.

This involves reducing, reusing, recycling, or energy recovery of all waste generated, extending the useful life of materials and equipment, and reducing water consumption as much as possible.

Hoja de ruta de Economía Circular

With Clear and Measurable Objectives

We ensure our actions are transparent by establishing measurable goals for the proper assessment of the fulfilment of our commitment. These objectives consist of six axes.

Icono energía

Aligned with the Climate Action Plan, it focuses on reducing carbon footprints.

Icono materias primas
Consumption of Raw Materials

Aims to reduce the consumption of raw materials and prioritise the use of recycled, recyclable, or reusable materials.

Icono residuos cero
Zero Waste

The group’s objectives are mainly focused on eliminating the waste whose final destination is a landfill site, promoting alternative means of processing.

Icono suelos

Through preventive and corrective measures, we work to prevent contamination of soil or groundwater by leaks or spills of oils, fuels, and hazardous substances.

Icono agua

We work to find alternative solutions to improve efficiency and optimise the use of this resource.

Icono actuaciones transversales
Cross-cutting Actions

We incorporate circularity criteria into 100% of our activities through the implementation of digital technologies and integrating circular criteria into all activities.

In Line With National Objectives

Through Red Eléctrica, we are part of Forética's Circular Economy Action Group —an impactful initiative aiming to lead business transition towards a circular economy model in Spain. It contributes to the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Spanish Strategy for the Circular Economy.

This initiative pursues specific objectives:


Generate knowledge through the fundamentals and international trends.


Engage with public administrations and opinion leaders.


Draw attention to and enhance the value of business commitment to the circular economy.