Redeia's Integrated Impact Strategy

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We build networks for the future with our Comprehensive Impact Strategy

We deploy a Comprehensive Impact Strategy that multiplies our social and environmental contribution in all the geographical and business areas of Red Eléctrica, Hispasat, Reintel, Redinter and Elewit in Spain and Latin America. Thanks to this strategy, we build networks for the future, assuming the role of driver to connect multiple agents of change, acting mainly in rural environments to address structural challenges.

We focus on fighting against four inequality gaps where we believe we can make a positive impact: gender, territory, intergenerational and digital gaps, contributing to social cohesion and exercising our activity based on so-called ethical capitalism, in other words, creating value for society as a whole, and not only for our shareholders. To advance towards a real sustainable, resilient, long-lasting future, between everyone, for everyone.

Impact on the business, on the society and the environment

Our positive impact strategy is key to ensuring long-term sustainable success and effective leadership of progress in the two priorities set by Europe and Spain: the ecological transition and the digital transformation.

We understand there can be no true, fair and inclusive transition if economic, social and environmental aspects are not addressed comprehensively; holding a dialogue with the territory, meeting its current and future needs, sensitivities, way of life and expectations, and devising solutions that create economic and social value with a vision of future.

Impact on the business, society and the environmen

“Our Comprehensive Impact Strategy is not an option, it is a necessity that will help us maximise our impact in every way: economically, socially, and environmentally. It goes beyond compliance and corporate social responsibility. It is part of our business strategy, intended to create networks for the future”.

Beatriz Corredor – Redeia Chairwoman
Beatriz Corredor – Redeia Chairwoman

Comprehensive Impact Strategy Governance

Thanks to this new strategy, at Redeia, we identify and activate all the positive social and environmental impact initiatives under the same umbrella, which entails a significant cultural change in terms of governance.

It leads the strategy, integrating the group’s impact vision Made up of representatives of the most senior management level in the company, it decides which initiatives to develop, drawing input from El Pensadere and La Tejedora.

It promotes active listening to the social and environmental problems perpetuating inequality. It is a space for collective, creative deliberation formed by members of the company and external experts, academics and opinion leaders who generate innovative, effective solutions to the problems facing society.

It executes and measures the company’s competitive social and environmental transformation. Not only does it implement projects, but it also facilitates the necessary alliances to bring them to fruition.

It coordinates the impact strategy in a cross-cutting way under the leadership of the Comprehensive Impact Committee.

It leads and coordinates the communication strategy of Networks for the future.

Integral Impact Committee Table