Appointments and Remuneration Committee

This committee is composed of three directors, with a majority being independent directors. The term of office of its members is limited to four years, and they may be re-elected. This committee is chaired by an independent director, who has a limited term of office which is set to a maximum of four years, and the chairperson may be re-elected.

The Appointments and Remuneration Committee is assigned powers in relation to: the appointment and removal of directors and senior managers, their remuneration, the fulfilment of the duties and responsibilities of the directors of the Company, respect for the principles and rules of corporate governance and the Corporate Responsibility Policy and the protocol regarding the relationship of the Board with the employees of the companies of the Group.


Appointments and Remuneration Committee
Board  member Position Type of Board member Last appointment
Ms. Socorro Fernández Larrea Chairwoman Independent 2021.11.30
Mr. Ricardo García Herrera Member External nominee 2024.01.30
Mr. Marcos Vaquer Caballería Member Independent 2021.07.02