The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting represents all shareholders and exercises the functions assigned to it as governing body of the Company.

This English translation is exclusively for information purposes and is based on the original, official document in the Spanish language, available in the Spanish version on the company´s website.

Its resolutions, adopted in accordance with applicable regulations, are binding on all shareholders. The rules of the organisation and functioning of the General Meeting are set out in the Corporate Bylaws – Articles 11 to 18, both inclusive- and in the Regulations regarding the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.


Convocatoria de la Junta


Corporate governance practices applied regarding the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

  • No minimum number of shares required to be able to attend the Meeting.
  • Representation on the Board by any person, without the need to be a shareholder.
  • Separate voting on each one of the matters submitted for approval at the Meeting.
  • External audit of the management processes of the Shareholders' Meeting.
  • Certification of vote.
  • Board of Directors remuneration submitted for approval at the Meeting.
  • Promoting the participation of shareholders in the Meeting via the implementation of the electronic voting system and telematic assistance.
  • Creation of a specific section on the corporate website with all the relative information regarding the Meeting.
  • Live broadcast of the Meeting via Internet, with simultaneous translation in English
  • Shareholders’ Electronic Forum.
  • Dissemination via social networks.
  • Investors and shareholder office.

Audit of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting   

The audit of the management processes and results of the votes taken at the Annual General Meeting was carried out for the first time. The audit report, prepared by an external consultant, concluded that the processes for the calling, preparation, counting of shareholders, voting and adoption of resolutions of the Meeting were fulfilled in their substantial aspects in accordance with the provisions set out in the procedures established by the Company to this end.


Our Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting , a sustainable event

For the second consecutive year, the management of the Annual General Meeting of the Red Eléctrica Group undergoes the certification process as a sustainable event in accordance with the ISO 20121 standard.

For yet another year, the Company reinforces its commitment to sustainability and its stance towards the sustainable management of corporate events, striving to fulfil the following objectives:
Convocatoria de la JuntaMinimise the carbon footprint of the event.
Convocatoria de la JuntaIntegrate circular economy criteria into how the event is managed and carried out.
Convocatoria de la JuntaFacilitate universal accessibility to the event.
Convocatoria de la JuntaSafeguard the health and safety of all participants.
Convocatoria de la JuntaPromote the hiring of people at risk of social exclusion to assist or collaborate during the event.
Convocatoria de la JuntaRaise sustainability awareness of all participants who attend the event.