Shareholders' Electronic Forum

Redeia Corporación, S.A. provides an Electronic Forum for Shareholders on the occasion of the holding of its Shareholders' Meetings. The Board of Directors of the Company approves the "Operating Rules of the Shareholders' Electronic Forum" which established a procedure for use of the Forum.

The Board of Directors of Redeia Corporación, S.A. approved this document entitled "Operating Rules of the Shareholder E-Forum".

Shareholders can send the following to be published in the forum:

  • Proposals that are intended to be submitted as a supplement to the agenda announced in the call notice
  • Requests for seconding such proposals
  • Initiatives for achieving a sufficient percentage to exercise a minority right as provided for by law
  • Offers or solicitations for voluntary proxies


The Forum will go live on the date of the call for the General Meeting and will be open through the date on which the General Meeting is held.