Looking to the future

Our goal: to drive the green and digital transformation and we do so with a plan that is realistic, honest and fully transparent and is a true reflection of our purpose: to guarantee the electricity supply and ensure connectivity, driving a green transition that is fair and based on sustainability criteria, showcasing our neutrality and contributing to social and territorial cohesion. We are on track and 100% prepared.

5 billion euros to drive the green and the digital transformation to:

Become the backbone of a decarbonised energy system

Provide neutral access to the electricity system and telecommunications

Help bridge the digital divide

Contribute to innovation and the development of society.

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We have increased our Group investment target for the period 2021-2025 to €5 billion

Progress as planned on the investment target, increasing the pace and volume committed for the TSO, with a 15% increase if compared to the initial plan.

Capex 2021-2025

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Progress 2021-2023

Making the energy transition possible

75% of our investment plan will be earmarked towards accelerating the energy transition in Spain. Our subsidiary, Red Eléctrica, will be the backbone of this transition process, facilitating the massive integration of renewables into the electricity system and guaranteeing an electricity supply for society that is both secure and of the highest quality.

  • We will design and build the necessary infrastructure, in accordance with the Network Development Plan 2021-2026 in order to have a smarter, more resilient and highly meshed grid that is more interconnected with Europe.
  • We will make significant investment in energy storage, particularly in pumped hydro energy storage, currently the main technology in this field, and which is critical for electrically isolated systems.
  • We will provide tools for system operation that will enable a scenario with an increasingly more dynamic, complex and interconnected electricity system with Europe to be managed successfully.
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Driving universal connectivity

We will earmark 735 million euros to deploy and extend the next generation of connectivity and make it equally accessible to all.

  • Through our subsidiary Reintel, we will continue to boost the development of the fibre optic business and develop new opportunities around 5G technology, which offers a strong potential for growth.
  • Through our subsidiary Hispasat, we will contribute to the fight against the digital divide by leveraging the power of its satellite technology. Currently only satellite technology is capable of providing coverage throughout the entire territory. Hispasat will update its fleet with the incorporation of the new Amazonas Nexus satellite, which will enable it to strengthen its role as a manager of telecommunications infrastructure for terrestrial and mobility services.
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Consolidating our business in Latin America

We are committed to the consolidation and organic growth of the electricity business in Peru, Chile and Brazil, reinforcing the presence of our subsidiary Redinter and further strengthening our existing businesses, as well as seeking business opportunities that generate new sources of revenue. To this end, the investments planned for the period 2021-2025 will reach approximately 225 million euros.

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Our hallmarks
Technological innovation, through our Elewit platform, will be an essential tool to respond to the challenges posed by both the ecological transition and the transformation of the telecommunications sector.
We will carry out our investment plan with sustainability criteria. For us, being sustainable means that our work leaves a better world than the one we found. It is the only way to be sustainable.
We are a company of people working for people. That's why, with our more than 2,400 talented people and an open and transparent approach to dialogue, we will develop infrastructures that are valuable for everyone.