Audit Committee

This Committee consists of four directors. The Committee has been composed mainly of external independent directors.

The Audit Committee has assigned, amongst others, the support functions for the Board of Directors in its monitoring of the following: drafting processes of economic-financial information and that of internal control of the Company, independence of the external auditor, compliance with laws and internal regulations and those relating to the Company's shareholders, and those responsibilities which the Board of Directors expressly attribute to it .


Comisión de Auditoría
Board Member Position Type of Board member

Last appointment

Mr. Antonio Gómez Ciria Chairman Independent 2024.01.30
Ms. Mercedes Real Rodrigálvarez Member External nominee 2021.11.30
Mr. Jose María Abad Hernández Member Independent 2021.07.02
Mr. José Juan Ruiz Gómez Member Independent 2021.11.30