Electronic bidding

We conducts all of our tender processes via our bidding platform. The bidding platform is only available in Spanish.

As a general rule, the Company invites all suppliers included in its corporate database to participate in its tender processes. Under certain circumstances, we conducts a preselection process according to criteria such as the suppliers' annual revenue in relation to the estimated amount of the contract to be awarded, performance assessment of its suppliers regarding the goods or services being requested within the tender, complexity or uniqueness of the goods or services to be supplied, market diversification and orders pending execution.

Suppliers will receive an invitation to bid through an email and can subsequently manage and, if necessary, modify their user data, create new contact details, etc.

The company's bidding platform provides a secure, transparent and easy-to-use channel to carry out all the tasks associated with a request for quotation, hence reducing the time and effort required for this process.