Leaving the planet better than we found it

We develop and manage our energy transmission and telecommunications networks following sustainability criteria to contribute to the biggest environmental and social challenges on our planet and to leave behind a better, more sustainable, fairer, and more inclusive world.

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Our sustainable growth strategy

What goals have we set ourselves to comply with the 2030 Agenda? What is the road map that will help us to achieve them?
Learn about our 2030 Sustainability Commitment and 2023-25 Sustainability Plan

Our strategy for sustainable growth
Our sustainability management

We listen to our stakeholders to build trust in long-lasting relationships. Our management model and our permanent, transparent dialogue channels and mechanisms allow us to create shared value with all.

Sustainability permeates from the Board of Directors to all areas and levels. The Sustainability Steering Committee and the Corporate Sustainability and Studies Division involve the highest decision-making levels and they transfer them to the rest of staff.

We have a Comprehensive Risk Management System developed pursuant to the ISO 31000 standard to identify, analyse, assess, manage and control risks relevant to our activity.

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Materiality Study

Preparing our Materiality Study in accordance with the double materiality methodology has allowed us to identify 13 material matters. This is the process we have followed:

  1. 1
    Analysis of the organisation’s context
  2. 2
    Identification of real and potential impacts
  3. 3
    Prioritisation of impacts
  4. 4
    Assessment and validation of matters

Alliances for sustainability

In the spirit of SDG17, we voluntarily adhere to worldwide, regional and local initiatives, promoting sustainable development, and adding economic resources, technology, human capacity and know-how. Here are some examples:

Alianza STEAMBusiness for NaturePacto MundialCEO La DiversidadONU MujeresTCFD
Policies, Commitments and Reports

We are transparent. That's why we offer you a file with all the documents compiling our positioning, goals and performance in terms of sustainability. You can filter them by topic, type and publication year.

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Excellence and certifications

We pursue business excellence at all times. That's why we design and implement certifiably efficient, sustainable management systems. This is how we are managing the certification of all our activities following prestigious international standards.

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