Sustainability Sessions

Nowadays, sustainability is a key factor in the decision-making process of a company’s board of directors and in setting government agendas.

The goal of the Sustainability Sessions is to inspire participants to become agents of change in their respective fields. In this way, Redeia consolidates itself as a benchmark in sustainable development. In particular, thanks to the creation of a forum for group discussion and reflection that, through a shared vision with stakeholders, contributes to building a sustainable future.

A Sustainable Event

Redeia's Sustainability Conferences are certified as a sustainable event according to ISO 20121.

Redeia reinforces its position and commitment to sustainability in corporate event management, working towards the following objectives:

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Minimising the carbon footprint of the event.


Integrating circular economy criteria into the development of the event.


Ensuring universal access to the event.


Guaranteeing the occupational health and safety of all participants.


Promoting the hiring of vulnerable groups.


Raising awareness of sustainability among all event participants.

You can find Redeia's ‘Principles and Objectives for Sustainable Event Management’ here (Available only in Spanish).