Building a sustainable future

Leaving a better world: that's what we mean by sustainability

We develop and manage our energy transmission and telecommunications networks following sustainability criteria, creating value for all. We contribute to the sustainable, fair and inclusive development of the territories with a clear goal: to leave the world better than we found it

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond regulatory compliance and corporate social responsibility; it responds to our commitment to ethical capitalism and competitive social transformation, this is, generating value shared by all and for all.

Therefore, we work according to a comprehensive impact strategy that multiplies our social and environmental contribution in all the geographical areas and business areas of Red Eléctrica, Hispasat, Reintel, Redinter and Elewit in Spain and Latin America.

Sustainability Report 2023
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A better world in numbers
Tonnes of CO2 eq. avoided
Euros we contribute to society per every Euro of net profit
Percentage of environmentally sustainable activities according to the EU Taxonomy

We contribute to the SDGs

We apply the impact mitigation hierarchy in the management of biodiversity throughout the life cycle of our infrastructures: design, construction, maintenance, and decommissioning.

SDG7. We actively participate in the transition towards a new, more competitive, and sustainable energy model as the key players in the successful development of the transmission network and interconnections, efficient integration of renewable energies, and management of electricity demand.

SDG8. Our activity as an IBEX35 company, particularly in the case of our subsidiary Red Eléctrica, as operator of the Spanish electricity system, contributes to the country’s economic growth, generating quality employment and contributing shared value to the economic, environmental, and social progress of territories.

SDG9. We build reliable, sustainable, resilient, and quality infrastructures aiming at maximising their integration into their surroundings and ensuring their comprehensive security. Moreover, we are developing a digital transformation strategy to advance in the digitisation of our activities and services.

SDG13. We have kept our voluntary commitment to fight climate change since 2011 and have a specific strategy and action plan. We are also a key player in the transition towards a new energy model required to fight global warming.

SDG14. We minimise the impact of electricity interconnections on the sea ecosystem, building them under the criteria of preservation and protection of the sea environment, as well as developing initiatives to recover meadows of Posidonia oceanica.

SDG15. We work hard to fully integrate our facilities with their environment, considering the entire life cycle and paying special attention to biodiversity conservation.

We are leaders in sustainability

We are part of the most renowned sustainability indices:
  • Down Jones Sustainability Indices
  • MSCI
  • ECPI
  • ETHIBEL Excellence
  • CDP
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    Do you need more information or do you have questions regarding our environmental and social management? Write to us.

    Eva Pagán Díaz, Corporate Sustainability and Studies Director

    Eva Pagán Díaz

    Corporate Director of Sustainability and Research

    Antonio Calvo Roy, Sustainability Director

    Antonio Calvo Roy

    Sustainability Director

    Irene Gomez Barrio, Sustainability Manager

    Irene Gómez Barrio

    Sustainability Manager