Committed to People

We collaborate with the people in the territories where we operate to help them address current and future challenges. Moreover, we drive projects that improve people’s lives and contribute to protecting biodiversity.

Héctor Artiga sentado en un banco con La Sotonera al fondo
We approach the territory through social listening

Through our comprehensive impact strategy, we work to obtain a social licence to operate by creating shared value, publicising our commitments to society and the benefits we bring (positive footprint) and focusing on the communities and territories where we operate.

We listen to the needs and characteristics of the territories, facilitating participation mechanisms, responding with transparency to the information requested and supporting social and environmental protection projects with social innovation.

Paisaje de un pueblo rodeado de montañas y campos verdes
We foster networks for the future to fight against inequalities

As part of social Innovation, we work on projects that fight against different inequalities that allow us to progress without leaving anyone behind, hand in hand with public administrations and entities in the Third Sector.

Chica estrechando la mano a un señor en un campo
We rely on our volunteers

We also rely on Redeia's corporate volunteering model to extend the company's social action, promoting and strengthening solidarity activities that respond to social needs, problems, and interests.

Niños y adultos en un taller medioambiental de voluntariado de Life Cerceta
We invest in communities

Social development is impossible without a clear, objective, and quantifiable investment in specific projects.

In 2022, we contributed over 10 million euros (1.6% of our net profit) to the development and promotion of several social initiatives, according to the LBG (London Benchmarking Group) methodology.

We measure and manage our impact.

In 2022, we began publishing our Impact Measurement and Management Report, in which we voluntarily provide an overview of the shared social and environmental value we generate.