We measure our social and environmental value

We are one of the first Spanish companies to voluntarily disclose the impact and contribution of our activities to the environment. Furthermore, we quantify our financial, social, and environmental impacts throughout the value chain and provide a clear vision of how we manage our impacts.

Environment development, our main contribution

In 2022, we drafted our first Impact Measurement and Management Report, which reveals that for every euro of net profit we earn, we contribute 14.5 euros to society.

Our main contribution is to foster the development of the environment by ensuring access to electricity and digital inclusion for households and businesses. This pillar represents our greatest contribution to social value, equivalent to 11.6 times our net profit.

Our second most significant positive impact is the powerful multiplier effect on economic activity, employment, and tax contribution. They are followed by our contribution to innovation and development of intellectual capital and decarbonisation of the economy, primarily due to avoided and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

We contribute
euros to society for every euro of net profit
We contribute
euros to the development of the environment for every euro of profit

What do we measure?

Our impacts are based on 21 indicators, and we monetise them in economic, social, and environmental terms throughout the value chain: supply chain, own operations, and environment and society. They are divided into four axes.

  • Own water footprint
  • Water footprint in the supply chain
  • Impact on birdlife
  • Use of land
  • Noise pollution
  • Supply of raw materials
  • Own waste footprint
  • Waste footprint in the supply chain
  • Direct impact and multiplier effect on economic activity, employment, and fiscal contribution
  • Fair wages or the safety, health, and well-being of Redeia professionals
  • Contractor’s safety and health

"The global impact assessment we conduct in this report allows us to have a complete and holistic view of the effects of our activities. This will enable us to prioritise long-term projects and investments that ensure triple sustainability: for the company, for society, and for the environment".

Eva Pagán, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Research.

Eva Pagán, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Research

SDG Graphic

  • Cátedra de Impacto Social. Universidad de Comillas
  • Harvard Business School
  • Wolrd Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Capitals Coalition
  • Ongoing evolution and development

    We continue to strengthen the impact measurement of our activities by integrating new information available in the report and progressing in line with future regulatory developments and best practices at the national and international levels.