Redeia Forest

In 2009 we launched the Redeia Forest, a project that contributes to the fight against climate change through the planting of trees and, at the same time, the conservation of a natural area rich in biodiversity or the recovery of a degraded natural area.


Each year we help to reforest degraded areas in publicly owned land in different geographical areas nationwide, seeking the collaboration of various public bodies and organisations that work in this field.

By means of this project, Red Eléctrica offsets a part of its CO2 emissions, collaborates on biodiversity conservation and contributes to the development of the local economies through reforestation works that are carried out by local companies and organisations in the vicinity of the project.

Redeia Forest in figures (2009-2022)
Planted trees and shrubs:
Degraded land reclaimed:
Offset emissions
t de CO2 eq.

Emisiones compensadas: estimación considerando un periodo de permanencia de 50 años.

Desde el inicio del proyecto, la compañía ha contribuido a recuperar 18 bosques en España. En el año 2022 se han plantado 77.239 árboles (abedules, castaños, hayas, pinos, encinas, robles, álamos, nogales, fresnos, y sauces) para la recuperación de 47ha. en tres montes de utilidad pública en Navarra y 30ha. en dos montes de utilidad pública en Ávila.