Telecommunications activity
The Group's telecommunications business is carried out through the subsidiary Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación (REINTEL), whose main activity is the leasing of an extensive dark fibre optic backbone network and of sites and technical spaces for the housing of the telecommunications equipment of its clients.

REINTEL is the Spain’s neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator of reference, as it has the largest dark fibre network with the best quality. It has a network comprising more than 50,000 km of cable deployed along the electricity transmission grid and the railway network. It is a meshed, robust and redundant telecommunications network with connection to the island systems and that offers international access. This allows us to ensure all telco players a transparent and equal access to the network.

REINTEL’s main priority is to ensure the highest levels of service quality and availability of the network. To do this, it has a permanent Network Operations Centre (24/7) that controls and monitors the status of the network and deals with any incidence that may arise.