The mission of Red Eléctrica de España is to guarantee the correct functioning of the electricity system and to ensure the continuity and security of the electricity supply at all times. To that end, we supervise and coordinate the generation-transmission system and manage the development of the transmission grid.

Red Eléctrica's vision is to be a leading company in high-voltage transmission and in the operation of electricity grids, recognised at a global level for offering a service of the highest quality, for its ethical and responsible management and doing so by maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable development and creating value for all stakeholders.

As the Red Eléctrica Group, our mission is to provide, manage and operate, in Spain and abroad, the electricity grid and telecommunications network systems as well as the infrastructure necessary to guarantee the supply of the electricity and telecommunications service to companies and society as a whole, and doing so by constantly applying sustainability criteria and incorporating the latest technologies.

Our vision is to contribute efficiently to decarbonising the economy and to connect with citizens through technological innovation, the sustainable expansion of electrification and telecommunications, guaranteeing connectivity and access to the new renewable generation and enhancing territorial cohesion and social inclusion.

Our purpose is to drive the electricity and telecommunications sector by focusing the human and technological talent that the Company possesses and that which it is capable of attracting, in order to facilitate economic activity and the lives of citizens, in a sustainable manner, by adequately operating systems and power grids & telco networks that provide access to electricity and telecommunications, which are essential services in the 21st century.

Red Eléctrica de España is the sole transmission agent and operator (TSO) of the Spanish electricity system. It carries out this mission under the principles of transparency, objectivity, independence and economic efficiency while maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable development.