This is accomplished through the establishment of an annual programme that sets out all the activities and resources necessary to ensure energy efficiency and the continuity of the electricity supply. This programme is established in line with the Company's strategic plan.

In line with Red Eléctrica’s responsible management model, the maintenance activities carried out are noteworthy: improving the quality of facilities, technological innovation actions and actions for the optimisation and efficiency of resources.

MAR project

Following the acquisition in 2010 of the transmission lines and substations on the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands and the assets on the Spanish peninsula which were pending transfer from electric utility companies, Red Eléctrica launched an ambitious programme to integrate and improve these facilities, adapting them to the quality standards of those on the Spanish peninsula.

With this objective in mind, during the 2011-2018 period Red Eléctrica is carrying out the MAR Project (Improvement of Grid Assets).

The objectives of the MAR Project are the following:

  • Adaptation of the new facilities to the quality standards of those on the Spanish peninsula.
  • Resolve the inadequacies of the existing transmission grid.
  • Integrate the acquired assets into Red Eléctrica's control systems.
  • Apply a maintenance plan adapted to the unique characteristics of the extra-peninsular electricity systems.

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Acquisition of new assets

In 2010, Red Eléctrica acquired, in compliance with Law 17/2007, of 4 July, the Balearic Islands’ and Canary Islands’ assets and other assets on the Spanish peninsula pending transfer from the electric utility companies. This purchase completed the asset acquisition process that began in November 2002 and which allowed Red Eléctrica to increase its asset base. This acquisition was of the utmost strategic importance because it represented the definitive consolidation of the model which establishes a sole transmission agent and electricity system operator (TSO).

Acquisition process

On 29th July 2010, Red Eléctrica and Hidrocantábrico Distribución Eléctrica reached an agreement by which Hidrocantábrico Distribución Eléctrica sold its electricity transmission grid assets to Red Eléctrica de España S.A.U.

On 23th July 2010, Red Eléctrica and Unión Fenosa Distribución signed an agreement by which Unión Fenosa sold its owned transmission assets to Red Eléctrica; excluded from this operation were those facilities of 220 kV which, due to their particular characteristics and functions, remained under the ownership of the distributor.

On 1st July 2010, Red Eléctrica and Endesa signed an agreement through which Endesa Distribución sold all of its owned transmission assets to Red Eléctrica, in agreement with Law 17/2007, of 4 July 2007. The transaction affected both the insular and peninsular electricity transmission grids; on the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands the lines with voltages of 66 kV, 132 kV and 220 kV; and on the Spanish peninsula this was limited to the assets of 220 kV.

In November 2004, Red Eléctrica reached an agreement for the acquisition of the transmission assets of Enel Viesgo and on 15 February 2005 Red Eléctrica reached an agreement, formalised on 30 June 2005, with the CVC investment fund in order to acquire its 75% shareholding in Redalta, the company that controlled the transmission assets that belonged to Iberdrola. This acquisition process meant that Red Eléctrica owned 99% of the transmission grid on the Spanish peninsula, with the transmission assets of Hidrocantábrico yet to be purchased.

In November 2002, Red Eléctrica concluded agreements with Endesa and Unión Fenosa for the acquisition of their respective transmission grids. In addition, Red Eléctrica acquired 25% of the share capital of Redalta, the company through which the legal process involved in purchasing Iberdrola's transmission assets was handled. The assets acquired from Endesa and Unión Fenosa amounted to 205 km of 400 kV lines and 6,851 km of 220 kV lines, in addition to 927 substation bays and approximately 4,500 MVA of transformer capacity.

Red Eléctrica's mission is to guarantee that the facilities of the transmission grid are always in optimum condition in terms of availability and reliability.