This indicator is published from the data after having factored in the seasonal and working patterns.

The seasonal factor affects only the aggregate index and the services one, as the temperature evolution has no significant influence on the energy consumption of the industrial sectors. The graphs and downloadable file regarding the evolution of consumption include both gross and adjusted data.

The consumption points considered for this index are those that in the power measurement system are classified as being of type 1 or 2; that is to say, those that have a contracted power of over 450 KW. Red Eléctrica receives these measurements from the distributors but they are not definitive until 10 months have elapsed. During this period the measurements are provisional and, therefore, can be subject to variations that condition the statistical processing of the data prior to its publication.

The Red Eléctrica Index presents three groups of data regarding electricity consumption (total of medium/large consumers, industrial activities and the services sector activities). To obtain this data, 2010 has been used as the basis for the calculation as it was the first complete year for which Red Eléctrica had comprehensive annual data. Therefore, the series of data is available for consultation as of 1 January 2010 whereas in the graphs the data represented is only for the last thirteen months.

Included below is complementary documentation (only available in Spanish) regarding the IRE.

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The Red Eléctrica Index (IRE) is the electricity consumption index of large power consumers. It is an indicator whose objective is to provide in advance the information regarding the evolution of electricity consumption of the set of companies which have a medium/high electricity consumption, as well as its breakdown by activity sector (industrial and services sector activities).