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Talk about The Challenges of Energy Transition (Madrid)

Informative sessions on energy

Red Eléctrica contributes to the dissemination of knowledge regarding the functioning of the electricity system by encouraging participation in conferences and training/informative sessions.

Red Eléctrica took part in the talk “The Challenges of Energy Transition: A Changing Paradigm” in February 2019, which was organized by the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

The session included the talk by the vice-chairwoman of the CNMC, the chairman of the latest Expert Committee on Energy Transition Scenarios and the Chairman of Red Eléctrica, Jordi Sevilla.

In their contributions, the participants emphasised that planning is a key topic in the context of energy transition and explained that the goals set out by the European Union respond to the need to advance towards a more efficient and sustainable model of energy and one which contributes to the fight against climate change.