Our commitment

On November 29, 2022, the Board of Directors approved the Board of Directors' Diversity Policy and appointment of directors in order to consolidate in a single document the guidelines that guarantee diversity in a broad sense in the Board of Directors, in the selection process and in the appointment of directors.

Its purpose is, on the one hand, to promote diversity in a broad sense in the composition of the Board of Directors, i.e., among other aspects in terms of knowledge, training, experience, age, ability and gender; and, on the other hand, to ensure that proposals for the appointment or re-election of directors are based on a prior analysis of the skills required by the Board of Directors, including the list of principles on which the selection procedures for members of the Company's Board of Directors must be based, and on the basis of objective criteria of ability and merit.

Our commitment
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Approval of the Diversity Policy of the Board of Directors and appointment of directors of the Company
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