Control Centre of Renewable Energies (CECRE)

In order to address the peculiarities of renewable energies, since 2006 in Spain we have counted on CECRE (Control Centre of Renewable Energies), a pioneering initiative set up by Red Eléctrica.

Cecre is the first centre in the world for controlling and managing the electricity generation obtained from renewable energy producers, primarily wind farms, which makes it possible to integrate the maximum production of renewable energy into the electricity system whilst maintaining the levels of quality and guaranteeing the security of supply.

By means of 23 control centres of the generation companies, which act as interlocutors, CECRE receives, every 12 seconds, real time information about each facility regarding the status of the grid connection, production and voltage at the connection point. This data is used by a sophisticated tool which makes it possible to verify whether the total generation obtained from renewable energies can be integrated at any moment into the electricity system without affecting the security of supply.

In order to anticipate possible incidences which may arise as a result of integrating renewable energies, CECRE constantly analyses the current scenario and predicts the operation measures which will be necessary so that the system remains in a secure state. In a system with as few electrical interconnections with neighbouring systems as the Spanish one, the Control Centre of Renewable Energies plays a determining role.

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  • Challenges in the development of renewable energies.
  • CECRE (Control Centre of Renewable Energies).
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