'Electricity interconnections: a step forward towards a single integrated European energy market'. Special feature -includes narration-

In the operation of an electricity system, the interconnection lines between countries play an essential role. In the case of the European electricity system it is these interconnections which make it not only the largest, but the most robust and secure system in the world. The importance of electricity interconnections is even greater for peripheral countries such as Spain, for which this type of infrastructure becomes a key piece for the development of an adequate electricity system that ensures the security of supply, in terms of quantity and quality, both now and in the future.

To contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and functions of electricity interconnections, Red Eléctrica de España has embarked on a new information dissemination project comprised of a number of documents to be used not only by information professionals, but also to be consulted by those interested in knowing how the electricity system works and gaining an understanding of the different elements that it is composed of.

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