Catalysts of change: Red Eléctrica and its clients hand in hand to guarantee the energy transition

Last april we celebrated a meeting with more than 40 professionals from sectors such as generation, distribution and consumption who shared with us their vision about the sector and the challenges of the energy transition.


We are living in modern times in which the winds of change are blowing. The upcoming future will be more renewable, more digital, more dynamic and more collaborative. And this new path that lies ahead of us requires us to take a leap forward. Because if we do know something about change, it’s that either it is accepted wholeheartedly or it leaves you behind. And that is something that we in Red Eléctrica are not willing to let happen.

Therefore, we have taken on the leadership role in this transformation process with a clear idea: the energy transition is not a path that is tackled alone. We are determined to progress hand in hand with our clients to face the challenges together and address them as a team. “Client focus has always been our priority, but at this moment in time it is even more necessary to be with them, as fellow travellers on this journey. And, for this reason, it is essential to change our pace and take a determined step forward”, states Juan José Prieto, Manager of System Operation Services Area.

This new focus begins by reassessing the ties we have with our clients. “This new era is transforming everything. The roles we knew and worked with until recently have changed, we now live in a more flexible and interrelated productive model”, adds Mr. Prieto. In this context, concepts such as 'client' and 'supplier' can bring back uncomfortable echoes of the past. To adapt to the new times, in Red Eléctrica we have taken a step further and we have proposed to group together all of us who participate in this new stage under the same umbrella: as catalysts of change. Because in the end, that is what we are: a team of professionals from different companies and organisations willing to work together to bring about this revolution.

We have already put ourselves to work. On 11 April we organised the first ‘catalyst’ forum in which more than 40 professionals from sectors such as generation, distribution and consumption participated to share their vision on the sector and to look at the challenges posed by the energy transition. This April forum was disruptive and, at the same time, fun. Applying the World Café methodology, the attendees, organised into groups, took part in different work dynamics in which they shared their knowledge and interacted through collaborative and relaxed conversation. “Thanks to this forum, we are now aware of how satisfied our clients are with Red Eléctrica, and we also learnt about the barriers they face in their relationship with us. We are already working on an action plan with a clear objective: to improve their experience and expectations,” concludes Mr. Prieto.


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