Red Eléctrica and the Spanish Red Cross respond together to the effects of the virus

Red Eléctrica joins the "Cruz Roja Responde” (the Red Cross responds) project, an initiative launched by Cruz Roja Española to cover the basic needs of 25,000 vulnerable families in order to mitigate the effects of this health crisis. 

The global health crisis caused by the coronavirus is making life particularly hard for vulnerable groups, who have seen their incomes reduced while still needing to buy food, hygiene products and medicines. Aware of this situation, Red Eléctrica has joined the "Cruz Roja Responde" initiative that seeks to mitigate the health, social and economic effects derived from COVID-19 for 25,000 families for two months.

“Cruz Roja Responde” is a programme launched by the NGO which aims to provide a global response to a crisis that goes beyond the healthcare sphere, providing all-round assistance to vulnerable families according to their needs. In this way, the initiative offers follow-up and health care services, assistance in case of need, school support, counselling for employment and social inclusion, among others.

Red Eléctrica has focused its attention on the area of social inclusion by providing 25,000 families with a little peace of mind for two months when it comes to meeting essential expenses.

Our objective? To cover basic food requirements and  to support those most at risk. These are some of the main lines of action of the campaign launched by the Spanish Red Cross, to which Red Eléctrica has made a contribution of €100,000.