Working to guarantee the electricity supply and to boost a greener economy

The Electricity Transmission System Operators of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland are regularly coordinating their efforts to do the utmost to limit the consequences of the Covid-19 crises on people, electricity supply and the economy. “Our main concern is of course to keep the light on”, the CEOs of the high-voltage system operators are saying jointly:

"Therefore our highest priority is to keep our staff healthy – especially those who are working in critical positions like the national control centres or indispensable staff for priority preventive maintenance works and urgent damage repairs.” In addition we as Transmission System Operators are already now preparing to support the restart of an ever greener economy as soon as possible.

“The modernisation of the electricity systems and the integration of renewable energy sources in our countries are a growth program that secures and creates jobs” the CEOs are emphasising.

  • François Brottes, RTE
  • Gerhard Christiner, APG
  • Luigi Ferraris, TERNA
  • Roberto García, REE
  • Klaus Kleinekorte, AMPRION, CTO
  • Chris Peeters, ELIA Group
  • Manon van Beek, TENNET
  • Yves Zumwald, SWISSGRID