Para afrontar la crisis tras la COVID-19
We have signed up to the 'For a Sustainable Recovery’ Manifesto

The pandemic generated by COVID-19 has slowed down the economy and caused widespread paralysis in our ‘normal’ way of life. This is an unprecedented scenario that will lead to one of the most important crises of the last 100 years. To mitigate this effect, governments, the business world and other civil society agents are already working to provide solutions that will revive the economy and create value for society. In this context, a month ago in Europe, the so-called 'Green Recovery Alliance' emerged, an alliance promoted by very diverse players that evidenced that stimulus policies must be effective from an economic and social standpoint and need to be aligned with sustainability and biodiversity conservation policies.

In this regard, the initiative 'For a sustainable recovery' has now been launched in Spain; an initiative promoted by representatives from the world of politics, business, trade unions, science and the third sector in our country. The promoters, which include the Red Eléctrica Group represented by its Chairwoman Beatriz Corredor, defend that Spain must put the energy transition at the centre of the economic recovery plans because “if there is no environmental sustainability, there is no economic or social sustainability”.

This is reflected in this Manifesto which already has more than 270 supporters.  The signatories are committed to the Green Recovery, seeking to pave the way to a more sustainable and robust economy, and encourage the establishment of alliances between political parties, businesses, trade unions, the media, NGOs and civil society to support and implement a sustainable stimulus package, based on the best scientific knowledge and best practices.

Only in this way will it be possible to advance towards a more prosperous, sustainable, healthy and resilient society.


Beatriz Corredor. Chairwoman

“We’ve come a long way and must continue with our journey, but more importantly what we must do now is redouble our efforts so that the way out of the crisis is via the European Green Deal. This model does not retract resources, but is a powerful tool for job creation, because no growth is possible without sustainable development”.

Beatriz Corredor

The more than 270 signatories consider that Spain has ideal conditions to take advantage of the opportunities that the green recovery strategy offers in order to generate economic growth and create jobs: an enormous potential for renewable energy development, a unique natural capital, a well-positioned industry and a firm commitment to energy efficiency.