Healthy Workplace - 2019 Report
Safety and well-being: The two pillars of Red Eléctrica's Healthy Workplace model

Red Eléctrica publishes its Healthy Workplace Report, an exercise in transparency and self-evaluation which includes the main actions and initiatives carried out in 2019 to guarantee the health and safety of employees and their families.

"The differential value of our Healthy Workplace model is the integration of the concepts of safety and well-being of people for a global management". This is how Guiomar Illescas, Manager of Occupational Health and Safety, Well-being and Diversity Department defines the policy governing the company to "achieve healthy work environments from a single perspective based on occupational and personal health".

Thus, the main actions developed within this model are aimed at turning Red Eléctrica into a "zero accidents" Group and consolidating best practices for people's balance and well-being at all levels, physical, mental and social. The healthy workplace management model is also aligned with the company's Strategic Plan.

In fact, as specified in the Healthy Workplace Report published today, no serious accidents have occurred in the Red Eléctrica Group's facilities during 2019, which means a considerable reduction in the severity index of contractor companies, from 1.39 reached in 2018 to 0.36 last year.

In 2019, a new model for training and education in Occupational Health and Safety was implemented with a new focus on personalisation to ensure that people have the necessary skills, regardless of the job they are involved in. In 2019 alone, a total of 2,727.5 hours were taught in 64 training sessions for employees.

But for Red Eléctrica, occupational health and safety do not only apply to its staff. In 2019, a new supplier evaluation model was also developed for prevention purposes, with the aim of improving safety results in the execution of works and helping the companies with which we collaborate to implement the best prevention practices. In just four years, the frequency rate of accidents involving contractors of the Red Eléctrica Group has been halved.

Healthy Workplace - 2019 Report

Healthy Workplace Report 2019

Promoting healthy habits

Prevention also takes on special relevance when it comes to managing the company in a healthy way: during 2019, different health campaigns have been launched focused on promoting healthy eating habits and physical exercise both outside and inside the company. In this sense, the company facilitates and promotes the practice of healthy habits among employees and provides them with facilities for this purpose. Accordingly, some of the work centres have a room for practising yoga, pilates or functional exercises for small groups. In addition, 1,727 consultations were made this year in the physiotherapy service provided to Group employees.

All the efforts made by the Group over decades of work, expeditiously promoting the measures set out in our Healthy Workplace model in order to improve the health and well-being of employees and their environment, now make more sense than ever, because, as Illescas explains, "in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of caring for our health and that of our families, both physically and mentally, becomes particularly valuable".

Main indicators of the Healthy Workplace Report 2019

severe accidents in the Group's facilities.
safety inspections of tasks and facilities.
hours of training and awareness in Occupational Heal.
training and awareness courses and workshops.
physiotherapy consultations.