Red Eléctrica against fire
Mefitú & Jara: A wolf and a goat will teach children about forest fires

The Pau Costa Foundation, in collaboration with the Red Eléctrica Group, is launching a four-episode educational mini-series in which boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 10 will learn thanks to two endearing characters, Mefitú and Jara, about forest fires and how to prevent them.

In the context of the Red Eléctrica Group's commitment to protect nature and conserve the natural environment, the company is collaborating with the Pau Costa Foundation in the development of four episodes of an educational cartoon series in which children will learn how to prevent and protect themselves from forest fires.

Through a few simple questions at the end of each episode, the children will be able to consolidate the concepts learned from a wolf and a goat. From Friday 22nd until the end of the series, Red Eléctrica will publish new instalments of the adventures of Mefitú and Jara.

In this first episode, Mefitú and Jara face a fire in the forest where they live and remember the advice their grandparents gave them to protect themselves from the flames.

In this second episode, Mefitú and Jara tell us how good forest management based on vegetation control can help prevent and extinguish forest fires more quickly.

Who investigates the causes and extent of forest fires? In this episode, Mefitú and Jara discover the role played by environmental agents in forest management and how they carry out their analysis and prevention work.

Do you know what proximity products are? And that consuming local produce helps prevent forest fires? In this final episode, our friends Mefitú and Jara show us how the rural economy contributes to the protection of our forests.