Red Eléctrica on International Education Day

24th January is celebrated by the UN as International Education Day. This year’s theme is “Changing course, transforming education” and it focuses on how education can contribute to restoring balance in our relationship with nature and technology. 

At the Red Eléctrica Group, we are convinced that continuous learning is a source of personal growth and a key to employment in a situation as volatile, uncertain and complex as today’s world. Companies need to constantly adapt to new situations, and for this we need professionals who are able to adapt and build on their knowledge and experience. 

Our commitment to training and education in our workforce also seeks to strengthen our efforts to achieve SDG4, and goal 4.4 in particular: This involves considerably increasing the number of young people and adults with the necessary technical and professional skills to find solid, stable employment and to become entrepreneurs, between now and 2030.

Upskilling and reskilling in the Red Eléctrica Group

In order to encourage upskilling and reskilling in our workforce, the Red Eléctrica Group enabled nearly 98% of our workers to take part in training last year. To be precise, over 2,000 employees undertook some kind of training, with an average of 65 hours each.

The Red Eléctrica Group learning model is based on the principle that people use different channels to learn and develop themselves. The 70/20/10 model stresses the importance of using each of these resources. To be clear, 70 refers to experience, because we learn most from doing our jobs. 20 refers to our relationships, meaning what we learn from the people around us. The last 10 refers to training itself, education received in a formal setting.

As an example, some of the programmes for the professional retraining of our employees, to prepare them to tackle newly created jobs as our organization evolves, are:

  • Digitall by Campus: a programme aimed at increasing digital skills for positions that need to work in this area every day. It is a platform that enables any employee to use the technological tools that are available to them to increase productivity in their daily work.
  • Transformare: This programme for professional retraining serves our employees in Regions.
  • Campus Agile: The Agile project is driving transformation through the development of new forms of work, team leadership, strategies centred on business targets and a culture of innovation. 
  • Impulsa tu desarrollo (Impulse your growth): The ImpúlsaTE philosophy, which encourages employees to be responsible for their own development, helps them to identify and boost the skills which are essential for their progress. 
  • Thabla: Red Eléctrica de España has made a firm commitment for its employees to obtain a level of language fluency in English and French that will enable them to engage in fluent conversation. 
  • Cybersecurity programme: This plan is intended to keep employees working in these areas up to date and are structured on three axes: training, to improve their skills. Awareness, to create a security culture to protect employees and the Group from threats. Sensitivity, to give the management team a global vision of security integration, so that they can lead Group culture.
  • TVE (The value of your experience): This is a programme intended to transfer knowledge from senior talent in critical positions. 
  • On-the-job training: These are actions at the workplace which are intended to achieve optimal performance at work.

The tools we use to increase the skills of our workforce include Campus, our “corporate university”, a meeting place for our employees, a space for driving our cultural transformation and innovation, and a platform for enhancing Group strategy and leadership in the key sectors for the organization and to transfer knowledge to our stakeholders.

The motto of our Campus is “Believe, Create and Grow” and its principles include a passion for excellence and specialization, agility and adaptability to new trends and demands on our business, and to encourage the desire to learn.