MANINT: a digital revolution serving the transmission grid

MANINT (Smart Maintenance), is a digital transformation project which has become a spearheads the commitment to technological innovation of Red Eléctrica.

What if we were able to predict when and at what exact point the grid could fail? What if we had a system that would inform us of what the necessary course of action is to avoid future faults in the system? Not too long ago none of this was possible. Fortunately, things have changed rapidly, and technology has played a major part in making this possible.

Today we have the capability to anticipate the potential faults in the high-voltage grid and we have a smart system that recommends the necessary actions to be taken in each case. All of this is possible thanks to the MANINT project (Smart Maintenance), one of the most ambitious and revolutionary technological innovation projects of Red Eléctrica, which has become a state-of-the-art solution in the sector regarding the management of electricity system assets.


Until now, traditional maintenance strategies have been effective, but the reality of the sector today is different, and this has led to those models not meeting expectations. New processes and tools that are more digital and efficient are required; processes and tools in which technology will undoubtedly play a key role.

The key to the new management model offered by the MANINT is that it completely revolutionises the traditional concept associated with maintenance strategies. On the one hand, with MANINT the actions are no longer carried out according to an established maintenance calendar but are planned according to the real-time condition and health of transmission grid elements.

Additionally, MANINT proposes a holistic approach to grid asset maintenance. While in the past all types of assets were dealt with equally, MANINT assesses the risk of each asset individually and evaluates the impact their current condition and health has on the grid as a whole.

This enables a more effective and efficient use of the grid without losing sight of the core mission of Red Eléctrica de España (REE): to guarantee the security and continuity of the electricity supply with the highest levels of quality. The innovative approach of the project is pioneering at a worldwide level, and its results have already attracted the interest of several companies that also face the challenge of managing their facilities in a way that is more optimal.

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"With the MANINT project, Red Eléctrica has jumped on the digital transformation bandwagon and positions itself as a worldwide leader in the management of transmission assets".

Manuel López Cormenzana, REE’s Manager of Facilities Maintenance Area