Divulgación del sistema
entreREDes or how learning through play about the electricity system

Since 2015, this game of Red Eléctrica has been helping new generations to learn all about the electricity system and how to use energy responsibly.

When electricity is transported over long distances, what voltage is used? What role do the power stations play? Which technology is not capable of producing electricity at night? These three questions, selected at random, are just a few of the more than 8,500 questions included as part of the online game ‘entreREDes’, an initiative launched by Red Eléctrica de España in 2015.

During this four-year period, the Company has introduced the game to 24,000 students throughout Spain, via sessions and competitions. This weekend, Red Eléctrica organises one olympiad of this digital game in order to put the finishing touch on the 2019 edition of ‘entreREDes’, which this year has introduced the game to more than 8,000 students nationwide.

The olympiad will take place at the Red Eléctrica Campus in Tres Cantos and, on this occasion, brings together students from six schools from Aragón, La Rioja, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Castilla y León.

The Company designed the game with the aim of creating an educational tool with which schoolchildren could learn interesting facts about how the electricity system works in a fun and entertaining way. The game enables students to acquire the necessary knowledge to become efficient consumers who treat the environment responsibly.




The entreREDes game is aimed specifically at students from second, third or fourth year of secondary school. The game takes players on a virtual and interactive tour around Spain travelling along the main electricity lines and substations of the electricity transmission grid.

But in this adventure, not everything is about electricity. The game also helps children to review knowledge of other school curriculum subjects: physics and chemistry; geography and history; language and literature; mathematics; culture and leisure.

For its creation, Red Eléctrica paid meticulous attention to its design and content, and had support from Company experts as well as from experienced teachers. Additionally, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language oversaw the content. This four-year experience and the success achieved by the game demonstrate that it is an effective tool for students, teachers and parents and has again demonstrated the benefits of learning through play.