Red Eléctrica and the Sagunto City Council inaugurate the 'Blue Path', a route that will contribute to the conservation of the coastal natural heritage
  • The restoration and improvement of this cycle-pedestrian path turns it into a healthy and sustainable route for the citizens and highlights the natural resources of the Palancia river delta.
  • The project is part of the collaboration agreement between Red Eléctrica de España and the Sagunto City Hall for the implementation of actions aimed at social development and environmental protection.

Red Eléctrica de España and the Sagunto City Council (Valencia) inaugurated today the “Blue Path”, the cycle-pedestrian path that runs along the coastline between the Port of Sagunto and Canet d'En Berenguer, highlighting the native natural resources of the river delta and connecting two areas of strategic tourist value that have been awarded the blue flag for its great economic importance and intense use by the population. The company has invested €300,000 in this project to turn this path into a healthy and sustainable route for the citizens and, at the same time, into an element of conservation of the natural heritage of the coast.

The inauguration, which took place today in Sagunto, was presided over by the Mayor of Sagunto, Darío Moreno, and the General Manager of Transmission of Red Eléctrica de España, Eva Pagán, who were accompanied by the company's delegate in the Community of Valencia, Maite Vela, the councillors of the City Council's governing team, Quico Fernández and José Gil, and the delegate of Pavasal, Vicente Cervera, the company contracted for the work.

"The collaboration of Red Eléctrica stands out as an example to be followed, due to its great involvement in a project that values the area of the Palancia River delta, a natural jewel that the citizens value" highlighted Darío Moreno.

The general manager of Transmission of Red Eléctrica de España, Eva Pagán, indicated during the presentation of the project that "contributing to the social development of the municipalities where we are present and the improvement of their natural habitats is an essential pillar for Red Eléctrica and responds to the commitment of the company to the conservation of biodiversity and the creation of shared value".

The action consisted in adapting the 745 metres of this cycle-pedestrian path that runs through the delta of the river Palancia and restoring the surrounding landscape, thus uniting the two municipal districts through an accessible and safe, as well as healthy and sustainable, path for pedestrians and cyclists. The project also includes the corresponding signposting for the interpretation of the nature of the path and of the river Palancia's bank and mouth. It also aims to be recognised by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) which promotes the blue trails campaign, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, to reward the efforts of coastal municipalities to recover old nature trails and take advantage of their qualities for environmental education.

The Blue Path is one of the actions included in the collaboration framework established between Red Eléctrica and the Sagunto City Council. The agreement was initiated in 2014 and contemplates three projects –one of which is the Blue Path– which pursue the deployment of actions aimed at social development, environmental protection and the recovery and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage.